Kandille Kandille Video Song – Madhuraraja

Kandille Kandille is an uplifting song from the movie Madhuraraja featuring Mammootty. This song is sung by Anwar Sadath & Divya S Menon, whereas Murukan Kattakada has given the lyrics. Also, an artist like Ashitha, Sreepriya Menon & Christa Kala, Gopi Sundar, Midhun Anand, Krishnalal BS & Nikhil Mathews having given the backing vocals.

Song Details

  • Singers: Anwar Sadath & Divya S Menon
  • Lyrics: Murukan Kattakada
  • Song Composed:  Gopi Sundar
  • Songs Recorded: Sunsa Digital Workstation, Chennai & Cochin
  • Engineered by Midhun Anand, Krishnalal. BS, Nikhil Mathews & Gopi Sundar

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